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Author : Hope Daniels & Morag Livingstone
Published By : simon and schuster

Is good enough – good enough?

The picture above brings back great memories of my life in care. A life, which was often rich with love, care, opportunity, fun and wonderful social workers. At this point in my life, aged 15, in a new children’s home, I was, to my social workers a joyful surprise, settled, content, and winning the war […]

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Trolls – See ya

Dear all If I had a pound note for every time I have been trolled regarding my praise of Social Workers since the release of Hackney Child, I would be a rich girl. The evidence of how Social Workers care and inspire kids in care is there, if you want to see it, but these […]

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Changes in Residential Care – Good or bad?

 My final Children’s Home  - A place I called home.  Dear all A welcome announcement was made at the start off 2014 by the DfE, bringing news of the legislative changes to how Looked after Children in Residential Care are given the opportunity to find a place to belong and feel safe. But what do […]

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Where has my inner strength gone…

Evening everyone I have to admit (with difficulty) that I seem to be internally wavering far more than I usually do. I want to give myself a little bit of a break with feeling this, and wait for it to pass, but, and I sorely hate to admit this, my anxiety levels are at monstrous […]

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Looked after Children to remain in Foster Care until 21

Chaworth Reunion 2013 – Jenny and 2 of her Residential Social Workers from 23 years ago. The public concern for Looked after Children in Childrens Homes following the recent announcement for the provision of Looked after Children being able to remain in Foster Care until they are 21, is valid. The announcement,, is a […]

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